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Google Ads Specialist

SEO Strategist & Consultant

📊 Audit your SEO Strategy & Performance
📉 Improve your SERPs Rankings
🚀 Grow your Organic Search Traffic

Work with an experienced freelance SEO Strategist & Consultant and get your SERPs rankings and Organic Traffic moving!


Get expert SEO advice on Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, Technical SEO & Link Building Strategies.


Over 10+ years of Hands-On SEO experience and Search-Friendly Content creation, working on multiple verticals.

Review your SEO Strategy and audit your current SEO Performance with the help of an experienced SEO Consultant

Book your 101 SEO Strategy Consultation or Team Training

Request your SEO Performance Audit & Search Engine Optimisation  Roadmap

Work with me to grow your Organic Traffic and improve your SERPs rankings

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How does the SEO Consultation work?

Contact me to communicate your specific SEO challenges and learning requirements. Next, I will propose the best way to work together to achieve your SEO objectives.

Can you deliver team or corporate SEO Training?

Yes, feel free to check my SEO Strategy Fundamentals course or contact me to develop a custom SEO Training curriculum for your business or startup.

Can you review our current SEO Performance & deliver an SEO Audit?

Yes, I can audit your existing SEO performance and deliver a complete SEO roadmap for your project.

Can you help us to develop SEO-Friendly Content?

Yes, I can manage SEO-Friendly Content Development end-to-end, from keyword research to planning, developing, uploading, and optimizing content.

Can you support us on SEO Implementation?

I can support you in the following areas: Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, SEO-Friendly Content Development, and Link Building. In terms of technical SEO implementation, I can work together and guide your web development or technical team.

Can you support us on SEO Link Building?

Yes, I can help you to put together an optimal Link Building Strategy for your Business or Startup to improve your Domain Authority.



Startup friendly, Approachable, Demystifying; The first three SEO words I would put to describe the workshops our team did with Sotirios.

He always works with an innovative mindset, is result-oriented, is willing to go the extra mile, and is highly responsible. He has played a significant role in building search strategies for entire Unilever brands across APAC.

 He is extremely knowledgeable and always provides valuable insights and real-life examples beyond what the decks had to offer. He never hesitates to guide you through the concepts and to clarify any doubts you might have.

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