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Google AdWords

“If Function”​ and the ever increasing importance of Context

A new, game-changing update is about to hit your AdWords interface very soon: “If Function”

“If function” allows you to insert a specific message in your text ad when a condition is met and a default text when it does not. Practically this means that you can now modify your ad copies according to the context of a search query. Initially the following dimensions are going to be supported:

  • Queries coming for Mobile/Desktop devices
  • Queries from users in your Remarketing (Audiences) lists (returning visitors, previous buyers etc.)


What does this mean for Advertisers, Agencies and AdWords Experts??

AdWords is becoming increasingly more sophisticated from both a planning and implementation perspective. The days when we were not able to identify if the searcher is a male, female, visited our website or purchased a product before are long gone. We now have multiple data points and the tools in place to be able to plan and activate a bespoke and detailed Search Strategy.

Advertisers can now leverage the new AdWords capabilities to customize their ad-messaging for customers within any stage of their purchase funnel as well as to A/B test ad-copies at scale. The new update is also giving advertisers an opportunity to better understand their audiences’ behaviour within a specific context.

From an implementation point of view, fundamental business & marketing concepts such as buying cycles, customer segmentation and cognition can now practicallyinfluence your Search Strategy.

Moreover, digital marketing tools are increasingly relying in coding and automation. As a result, Numerical, Analytical, Business, Marketing and Coding skills are now forming the essential Search/PPC skill-set.

Based on the speed and direction of Google developments, the “If Function” update is only the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come!

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